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The Branch Newsletter "Despatch" is currently published twice a year in May and November. The Despatch and supplementary information for Issues 3 to 22 is available below as Adobe pdf format files.

Despatch Supplementary Information
Issue 22: November 2018 Amongst The Last to Fall
  A Favorite Postcard
  Henry (Harry) Luke Gordon Sage: Letter to Cousin
Issue 21: May 2018 Times Obituary: Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart
  Distinguished Service Cross Case Study
  Linesman Goes to France (Givenchy)
  Battle of Lys: Commemoration Booklet
Issue 20 : November 2017 10th Commanding Officer's Conference
  Military Cross Case Study
  Monument to Fraternisation
Issue 19: May 2017 John Terraine Address: Passchendaele
Issue 18: November 2016 Military Cross Case Studies
  Linesman in France again
Issue 17: May2016 War Diary: 1st Battn KORL Regt for July 1916
  The Great War Exhibition
Issue 16: November 2015 Cumbria Conference: 6th December 2015
Issue 15: May 2015

Major Bleakley's War Diary Extracts

  John Scott's Mercantile Marine Service
  Re-Burial at Prowse Point
Issue 14: November 2014 Lancashire Infantry Museum Newsletter 27, August/September 2014
  Linesman Goes to Europe - Supplement
Issue 13: May 2014 Silver War Medal: T C Eccles, Private 3805, King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt.
  Tameside Events and Exhibitions in 2014
  Memoirs of Non-fighting Men
  Albert Troughton's Last Letter Home
Issue 12: November 2013 Major General Arthur Solly Flood: articles by Peter Palmer & Dr Christopher Pugsley
  Postscripts: article by Gerard Lemaire
Issue 11: May 2013 Extracts from The Times regarding Lord Haig's Funeral
  A Story of Life in WW1 by Fredrick Thomas Hemming
  The Story of Preston's War Memorial 1917 to 1927
  Photo Gallery
Issue 10: November 2012 Quetta Class 1913
  Doctor Miller Maguire - Tutor of Generals
  Photo Gallery
Issue 9: May 2012 Daily Telegraph Article, 9th April 2012
  Photo Gallery
  How the Horse is cared for at the Front
Issue 8: November 2011 Repatriation of Lt Col. Sir Gilbert Mackereth MC
  On the Somme 2011: Photo Gallery
  Ballons des Vosges
  New Museum of Liverpool: King's Regiment
Issue 7: May 2011 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Kirkby Lonsdale: Sergeant Jackson
  Photo Gallery
  Linesman's 2011 Trip to France
Issue 6: November 2010 Photo Gallery
  Photo Gallery (War Graves & things)
  Longueval Footballers' Memorial
  Museum of Lancashire Report
Issue 5: May 2010 Photo Gallery
  Linesman Goes To France Again
Issue 4: November 2009 Remembering Private Rigg
  Photo Gallery
  Branch Trip to Flanders & the Somme
Issue 3: May 2009 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Kirby Lonsdale: 2nd Lieut Armer
  War Poem: Private Darlington
  Photo Gallery
  National Arboretum Visit
  Linesman Goes to France

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The following are guidelines for submitting articles to the editor:

  1. All contributions/articles should be word processed and sent as an email attachment to the editor at wfaeditor@yahoo.co.uk.

  2. I do not wish to discourage the submission of any article and if you have any difficulty in meeting 1 (above) please contact me (see 8 below).

  3. The maximum length of any contribution or article is not fixed but for long articles (say over 500 words) it may necessary (for me) to summarise the article for the Despatch with the full version being made available on our website.

  4. Please do not use any special formatting within the article (e.g. columns, indents, bold, italics) since these will have to be stripped out before laying out the Despatch

  5. Photos, maps and any other material which could be used to illustrate an article are very helpful.  These should be emailed to the editor as graphic (e.g. jpeg) file attachments.  Don’t send photos embedded in Word files – the quality, when extracted, is low (even when the original is inserted as a high resolution image) and may not be suitable for reproduction.  It is better if attachments to emails are less than 5MB per email.  If necessary send them in multiple emails.

  6. The copyright of all articles remains with the author.

  7. The Despatch will (initially) be published twice a year for the May and November meetings.  Deadlines for submitting articles are 1st April (May edition) and 1st October (November edition).  EARLIER RECEIPT OF ARTICLES WOULD BE HELPFUL, IF POSSIBLE.

  8. If you have any further enquiries about submitting items for the Despatch or our website please email wfaeditor@yahoo.co.uk.